Our Solutions

Specialized Solution

Specialized Solar Solution was established to develop an affordable, renewable, alternative energy source to the millions with no foreseeable access to the national electricity supply. It is more powerful than any other solar system.


Solar Power

Utility Scale Solar Power

A utility-scale solar Power is one which generates solar power and feeds it into the grid, supplying a utility with energy. Virtually every utility-scale solar facility has a power purchase Agreement (PPA) with a utility, guaranteeing a market for its energy for a fixed term of time.

Residential Solution

Solar energy is environmental friendly, safe and in abundant supply. Installing a residential solar power system is a great way to do the right thing for the environment and cut energy costs over the long term. In addition, many governments and municipalities offer financial support for solar power system installation.

Solar Panel

The semiconductor photoconduction cell that converts the solar radiation into electric energy by photovoltaic effect. The panels we supply are made of A grade cells with less potential induced degradation factor (PID). Our solar panels comply with IEC, UL and CE certification standards. We do supply MNRE approved makes of the solar modules/panels in on-time delivery.

solar light

Solar Street Light

Solar lit after the dusk with our solar street lighting system. The solar lighting system consists of LED luminary with electronic ballast and charge controller with panel and battery. We also offer Lithium ion battery (Li-ion) back-up with the solar street light system for increased autonomy.

Solar Water Heater

The solar radiation is captured to turn your normal water to hot that comforts you for bathing and other hot water application by the solar water heater. This could bring you great savings instead of using geysers throughout the year. The evacuated tube and the flat-plat collector types of solar water heater collects the solar radiation and converts the cold/normal water to hot water by means of thermal convection technology.


Save Energy & Costs

By Solar You Can Save A Electricity Bill

Save Money

EB Bills Will Be Reduced Upto 80%

Moderate The Envirorment

Installing 1kw Solar Power = Seeding 36 Trees

Free From Grid

It’s An Independent Power Producer Of Different Climates

Use XTSolar

We Are New & We Give Quality Products

We Are Trusted By Some Companies Because Of Our Quality

Ever Best Warranty

It Gives Longest Warranty and Also Good Performance of System

We Make It Moderate

We Install Solar Panel At What Exactly You Need At Right Cost

We have your reinforcement

We Give Good Support & Service To Reduce Downtime Of The Plant

Save Energy


About us

XTSolar Energy provides you one-stop solution for your energy related demand and cost cut to your EB bill, etc. We understand your problem; and render you the tailored technology to your optimum level with cost effectiveness. Energy Efficiency is our alternate effective solution along with solar energy to reduce your energy demand. We are new to the market and also we provide you the best quality of solar panels and also we give you a good support and also with 1 year of warranty to solar panels.


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